Our Solar inspections fit all of your needs including:

  • Efficient scans of all sizes—from roof top arrays to solar farms
  • Hot spot identification showing defective solar cells
  • Planning of panel placement
  • Infrared cameras show defective panels


Not only are drones safer, they deliver a far richer set of data to streamline your workflow. Our drones take accurate measurements of square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, and slope in a matter of minutes. We don’t just deliver data on roof planes, slopes, and areas. Our detailed point cloud captures the entirety of the roof in high-resolution detail, giving a powerful set of data to residential and commercial roofers, solar installers, and anyone looking to do design work.

Cell Tower

  • Higher-resolution visual inspections than ground-based inspections
  • Safely assess the condition and orientation of all components of cell towers
  • Towers remain functional during inspection
  • Increase efficiency due to data accuracy and reliability, live streaming and zoom/thermal/4k capabilities

Let's get to work.