Crop Analysis

Cost effective solutions to analyze crop health.


RGB cameras capture Red, Green, and Blue light, similar to what is seen with the human eye, meaning it is more familiar and easier to interpret.


Multispectral sensors combined with various indices such as NDVI or NDRE allow for the ability to accurately evaluate crop health.

Reliable Crop Yields

Znap Fly works with the growers to establish reliable yield assessments using Drone generated NDVI and NDRE sensors.

Key Insights

Pinpoint problem areas and target those specific areas for treatment.

Monitor Crops Over Time

Compare maps over time to monitor efficiently and effectively.

Initial Drone Map

Znap Fly Drone Operator captures map data.

Data Processing

Photogrammetric Data is processed quickly and accurately.

Analyze & Compare

Quantify plant health and compare against previous maps to properly monitor crop health conditions over time.

Drone Map

Continuation of mapping and generating additional data.

Make your crops take-off.