Our Solar inspections fit all of your needs including:

  • Efficient scans of all sizes—from roof top arrays to solar farms
  • Hot spot identification showing defective solar cells
  • Planning of panel placement
  • Infrared cameras show defective panels

Golf Courses

Our multispectral sensor sets us apart as we are able to capture information that other companies can’t. Detailed reports of every hole tell you if they need more/less water or fertilizer as well as many other important factors of overall grass health.


Not only are drones safer, they deliver a far richer set of data to streamline your workflow. Our drones take accurate measurements of square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, and slope in a matter of minutes. We don’t just deliver data on roof planes, slopes, and areas. Our detailed point cloud captures the entirety of the roof in high-resolution detail, giving a powerful set of data to residential and commercial roofers, solar installers, and anyone looking to do design work.

Cell Tower

  • Higher-resolution visual inspections than ground-based inspections
  • Safely assess the condition and orientation of all components of cell towers
  • Towers remain functional during inspection
  • Increase efficiency due to data accuracy and reliability, live streaming and zoom/thermal/4k capabilities

Wind Turbine

  • Higher-resolution visual drone inspections than ground-based inspections
  • Drones collect the needed data for identifying and mitigating risks in power distribution in advance
  • Save 30 – 50% of cost and time when doing a drone wind turbine inspection
  • Safety of personnel – no need for them to ascend to height
  • Thermal used to aid in inspecting and monitoring wind turbine blades and the general structure

Affordable, efficient, and safe.