Aerial Imagery

Znap Fly’s team adds significant value saving time and cost for capturing reliable and accurate drone generated data.  We fly a RTK UAS linked with a GPS ground base capturing real time accurate GPS location during flight for reliable accuracy.  Znap Fly processes photogrammetric imagery mapping in-house allowing us to get you the data quicker and optimizing your workflow.  Our FAA licensed drone pilots are experienced in mapping and generating 3D models for projects like yours. 

Elevation Contours

Aerial Surveying

Supplement some of your field data collection to add more efficiency to project tasks. Our Aerial image data and contours are reliable and accurate. The Best part of it all? Our data exports can be processed and delivered within 1-4 days in most cases.

Orthomosaic Maps & 3D Point Clouds


Stunning and accurate Geo-Tif files can be generated and imported into CAD programs and assist with a number of different objectives:
  • Performing line work in CAD
  • Progress Checks
  • Site Safety & Documentation

3D Models and Point Cloud Data

Znap Fly is experienced in mapping for 3D models and reliable point cloud data. 3D models and accurate point cloud data can be processed and generated:
  • Initial Concept Design
  • Use Point Cloud data and import into REVIT, AutoCAD Civil 3D, as well as other programs
  • Check virtual design against actual site conditions
  • Progress Check actual construction against plans
  • Site safety and documentation
  • Check actual construction against plans

*Use tools, move around, zoom in, and switch between 2D and 3D*

Measure Volume, Area & Distance

Volume: 2009.97 yd³
Volume: 8628.27 yd³
Volume: 4934.54 yd³

Quick & Accurate Measurements

Pull off Measurements for what ever you need when you need it from the comfort of your computer. Quick Easy and Reliable. Take a look!

Znap Fly is a force multiplier for your project.