Who is Znap Fly?

We are a team that relies on one another to succeed and take on challenges along the way.  Constantly moving forward with new technologies and innovation Znap Fly is committed to high quality deliverables for our clients and their success.  We love flying drones and capturing photos but we are not hired for just that, we are hired to help our clients reach their goals and succeed with efficiency and ease.

Znap Fly has an amazing team of dedicated hardworking/smart thinkers. Each bringing a different aspect of skills and experience contributing to the right ingredient for success.  Its employee focused business model gives Znap Fly an edge and results in success.

What is the “Employee Focused Model”?

The new truth in business and company success today is the fact that the employees are the difference between success and failure. Of course strong leadership is critical, but what we are talking about is finding the right people and investing into them with mentorship and professional development.  At the end of the day Znap Fly is only as great as their people who are apart of it.

Quotes Znap Fly believes in and adopts into our culture:

“We don’t hire for skills, we hire for attitude. We can teach skills.” – Simon Sinek

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” – Richard Branson

Mission Statement

We provide clients exciting new ways to help achieve their goals. We are advocates for new emerging technology and strive to improve every inch along the way. We foster professional growth and invest into our own people so they can one day be leaders and invest into the World.

Znap Fly, LLC a woman owned business located in Northern California servicing all of California; providing end-to-end managed Drone Aerial and data capture solutions to provide your company and project with the benefits of unmanned aerial systems without worrying about compliance, liability, or maintenance.  Znap Fly complies with FFA Part 107 requirements and uses only Licensed FAA Drone Pilots. Znap Fly is in full compliance with the FAA and provides:

  • Fully insured ($1,000,000) General & Unmanned Aviation liability
  • Registered drones with the FAA
  • Licensed FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilots
  • FAA Section 333 Exemption
  • Documented & Managed flight logs (required by FAA)
  • Pre-Flight Checklists
  • UAS maintenance and log documentation
  • All Znap Fly pilots have advanced pilot training in Drone operation and data capture software processing

Znap Fly helps customers avoid the capital expense and operating risks of establishing their own drone programs and to purchase drone support in a way which better fits their operations and cost profiles. Znap Fly is here for whatever your Drone need is, large or small.

We are committed to understanding the needs of our clients and goals of their projects and pride ourselves in being proactive in learning the latest technology and best uses for drones, data collection and environmental consulting for the various industries (Markets):

  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate
  • Design & Construction
  • Industrial/Commercial Inspections
  • Environmental

Give us a shout! We want to help you.